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Kota Systems is focused on supporting the technical needs of healthcare practices.

By choosing Kota Systems as your IT service provider, you will be partnering with the leader in healthcare-focused IT.

Electronic medical records have greatly improved productivity for all practices, but the trade-off is the need for complex IT systems that aren’t intuitive or user friendly. As time moves forward, the complexity isn’t going to slow down. This is when Kota Systems steps up to help.

The biggest threats to all medical practices today can be eliminated by proactive monitoring, patching, backups, and routine scans for malware and viruses. By implementing a customized backup and disaster recovery solution, you can be up and running in 15 minutes or less. Rest assured that when you choose Kota Systems for your backup needs, your data is safe – even in the event of a major catastrophe.

Kota Systems is your full-time IT support without paying a full-time employee. Kota Systems’ service and solutions include:

  • Computer, server, software, networking, and cloud sales and solutions

  • Practice security through network firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware, and software patch management

  • Comprehensive network management, installations and upgrades

  • Data backups that scale with the demands of your practice onsite, offsite, and cloud

  • Maintain and upgrade your Practice Management System (PMS)

  • Full support of your printing and print supply needs

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security compliance

  • Dedicated and reliable resource for all your practice technical needs


 PC/Mac Support

Computers are an essential part of business and when they don't work, your business doesn't work either.  Typically, the major issues we come across are virus and malware related.  There is an art to thoroughly removing these unwanted programs from your computer, which Kota Systems has perfected. 

Occasionally, hardware will fail and need to be replaced.  Sometimes it's a simple fix to get you up and running at full speed as quickly as possible. 

When a hard drive fails, it can be catastrophic if important data hasn't been backed up.  Kota Systems can install and maintain a backup solution that best fits your needs and budget.  The business rule of thumb for data backup is the 3-2-1 Rule: There should be 3 copies of the data, in 2 different formats, with one backup being off-site.  Using reliable and cost effective methods, an automated backup routine can be established quickly.  What many may not realize is that data backups, both automated and manual, can be corrupt or saved incorrectly.  To avoid this, Kota Systems can validate the backup routine and the daily/weekly/monthly backup to ensure that your business is safe.

If your business needs a server, you know how critical its role is in your business - downtime is not an option.  Kota Systems can provide the expertise to install, maintain, and troubleshoot your server needs.  If you are considering moving your server to the cloud, we can help with the transition.  Server support involves protecting the hardware via voltage regulators and battery backups, data backup, patches, and monitoring the system health to address issues before they become problems.


Kota Systems is a certified Cisco and Meraki Partner.  What this means to your small business is that Kota Systems can provide small business grade networks that eliminate downtime and enhance communications among the systems in your business.  The main benefit to you is that when there is a problem, we can isolate the network problems immediately via the Internet.  Most of the time, we can make a tweak to fix things remotely.  Other times, we will come and address the problem or walk your staff through the troubleshooting steps - whichever make the most sense.  By implementing a Cisco Meraki solution, Kota Systems can take the burden of being a network engineer off your plate and allows you to focus on your business. 

The core to every network is a Security Appliance that monitors the data coming into your business from the internet, data transferred on your network (between computers), and data leaving the Internet.  A Security Appliance will catch and quarantine the problems and also notify Kota Systems of these issues so we can address the root problem.  The benefit to Security Appliances that Kota Systems installs is that you never have to worry, we do all the work to install, maintain, and monitor.

How computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. communicate in your small business is either through WiFi or a wired network, or both.  Wired networks provide the most secure and reliable connections, but aren't feasible if your business has mobile users.  By implementing the right WiFi and wired networking equipment, Kota Systems can provide detailed activity reports to show you how your network is being used.  For example, do you want a heat map to show you where your WiFi signal is and where your employees are using it?  How about what websites are being visited and who is visiting them the most?  Is someone downloading or streaming too much and slowing down the internet for everyone else - we can cap download rates for any device on your network.  These are just some examples of how small business grade networking equipment can improve your efficiency and ensure that your sensitive company information is only available to those necessary. 

Our networking equipment will automatically inform us about issues with your network so we can troubleshoot the issues well before they become a problem.  Intelligent networking equipment allows for quick resolution to prevent system down-time.  




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HIPAA Security & Privacy

Compliance with HIPAA is a multi-stage process that, at a high-level, involves a risk analysis, risk action plan, risk mitigation activities, and training for your staff – repeated annually. It’s safe to say that most small to medium healthcare practices don’t have the time, resources, or understanding to be fully compliant with HIPAA.  Kota Systems can support your IT systems and your HIPAA compliance, they go hand-in-hand.

Using the latest tools and resources directly from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, a tailored plan is jointly established to ensure that your practice is compliant. Kota Systems’ comprehensive approach to HIPAA compliance

  • Detailed, in-office Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

  • Review of SRA outcome with practice stakeholders

  • Jointly devise risk mitigation plan based on recommendations provided by Kota Systems

  • Provide in-office HIPAA security training

  • Provide in-office Breach Notification training

  • Penetration testing of your practice network (attempted hack into your systems from outside)

  • Develop and provide policy templates

  • Gather and maintain your Business Associate Agreements

  • Additional activities will be provided based on practice needs

The best part of Kota Systems‘ HIPAA compliance program is that
it’s included with your comprehensive proactive IT support.



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Ryan Hansen, Owner of Kota Systems

Ryan has worked with business big and small around the world.  While attending college, he owned and operated his first technology business, Computer Reliance, where he provided in-home/office repair for Dell, HP, and Best Buy.  Upon graduating, he took a role at Best Buy's corporate office on the Geek Squad business team where he helped launch Geek Squad nationwide.  Life took him overseas to Germany where his wife was stationed in the US Army.  Career wise, Ryan changed gears and jumped into another corporate position as a global supply management senior manager at Terex where he was responsible for global supply and government regulations.  This role provided amazing exposure to the detailed facets of small and large business.  His love of technology and tangible business experience informs and directs his work.